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Welcome to the website of Mental Health Nurse Academics UK (MHNAUK), a group that was established in 2003. We are an authority on mental health nursing education and research, our group having representatives from more than 70 UK Higher Education Institutions.

Chair and Vice Chair

The curFiona Nolanrent Chair (2021-22) is
Fiona Nolan, Clinical Professor of Mental Health Nursing, Anglia Ruskin University and Regional Senior Nurse, Health Education East of England. Fiona was Vice Chair for 2019-20.
Jim TurnerThe current Vice Chair (2021-22) is Jim Turner, Associate Professor and Professional Lead for Mental Health Nursing at Sheffield Hallam University. Jim will be Chair during 2023-24.

Standing Group Leads

MHNAUK: Promoting and Enhancing UK Mental Health Nursing Education, Research, Policy and Practice