MHNAUK Annual Lecture 2019

MHNAUK and the International Mental Health Nursing Research (MHNR) conference committee are pleased to now invite nominations for the Mental Health Nurse Academics UK Annual Lecture 2019.

The Lecture will be delivered by a mental health nurse working in, or out of, the UK. She or he will be the nurse who, from amongst those nominated and in the opinion of the MHNR committee, the Chair and the Vice Chair of MHNAUK:

  1. has made the most significant contribution to the promotion and enhancement of mental health practice, nursing education, research and/or policy or
  2. whilst being at an early stage of her or his career, is emerging as someone whose contribution to mental health practice, nursing education, research and/or policy is likely to have a significant impact in the future.

Nominations are welcomed:

  1. directly from individuals wishing to deliver the Lecture, or
  2. from colleagues wishing to nominate an individual to deliver the Lecture.

This is an opportunity for someone to deliver a prestigious keynote presentation at our annual conference, which this year takes place in London on September 12th-13th.

Nominations are welcome until Friday February 22nd 2019. Further information, including a copy of the nomination form, can be downloaded here, or by clicking the ‘open in new tab’ button at the bottom right in the embedded document below and then selecting ‘download’ to save a local copy:

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