MHNAUK meets in Birmingham

Birmingham UniOne day after the first-ever Mental Health Nurses’ Day members of MHNAUK met at the University of Birmingham, on February 22nd 2019, to discuss developments in education, research, policy and practice. Standing groups met separately to discuss priorities for the year ahead, and experiences were shared of curriculum development and validation of new pre-registration programmes reflecting NMC standards. Members present discussed #MHNR2019, which takes place in London on September 12th and 13th 2019, and shared updates on both the REF and the TEF. The publication of a Framework for Mental Health Nursing in Wales was noted, and in a continuation of an agenda item opened at our last meeting held on October 12th 2018 options for membership of MHNAUK were discussed. Further work on this will follow.

Minutes from the meeting will appear in due course, and our thanks are extended to Birmingham colleagues (Professor Fiona Irvine, Dr Chris Wagstaff, Dr Nutmeg Hallett and Alison Gayton) for their hosting.

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