‘Mental Health Nursing: from the outside, looking in’

Brooker and WhiteDr Charles [Charlie] Brooker’s and Dr Edward [Ted] White’s ‘Mental Health Nursing: from the outside, looking in’ was published on Mental Health Nurses’ Day, February 21st 2020. In this, Ted and Charlie analysed the independent contributions submitted to them by twelve authors, each of whom is a highly experienced mental health nurse [MHN] and many of whom are also members of MHNAUK.

Ted and Charlie invited their colleagues to write commentaries on key historical events over the last 20 years or so and relate them to the contemporary circumstance and likely future direction of mental health nursing in the United Kingdom. Contributors were requested to submit manuscripts which were ‘considered, reflective, candid and informative, and to identify important issues for professional attention’.

Ted and Charlie add that : ‘many, if not most, of the issues raised in the monograph may resonate with MHNs beyond the UK and we hope that our collective endeavour will help to stimulate an international discussion’.

Anyone with an interest in mental health nursing is invited to obtain a free copy of the monograph, and to spread the word to others who may also be interested.

Requests for access can be made via the following link:


Feedback on the monograph from MHNAUK members, associates and students is welcome, and can be submitted to information@whitewinstanley.com

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