Connecting with ISPN

ISPNWith this year’s International Mental Health Nursing Research Conference (#MHNR2020) moving online as part of #mhTV, members and friends of MHNAUK will recall #MHNR2019 taking place in London on September 12th and 13th 2019 as a collaboration with the Royal College of Nursing and the International Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses (ISPN).

ISPN formed in 1999, and aims ‘to support advanced-practice psychiatric-mental health nurses in promoting mental health care, literacy, and policy worldwide’. Amongst the work that ISPN colleagues do is the production of position papers, with recent examples addressing Mental Health and the Coronavirus Pandemic and Social Justice and Social Responsibility. With Prof Steven Pryjmachuk having served as both Chair of MHNAUK and as President of ISPN, MHNAUK is pleased to have a connection and encourages colleagues to find out more about ISPN and the work of its members.

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