RCN Library – Doctoral Theses Repository

Dear Colleagues,

Please see below the developments on creating a MH Nursing PhD repository from Stephen Jones at the RCN. This is a joint piece of work between the RCN and MHNAUK, aiming to be launched at this year’s MHNR Conference.

Stephen met with the librarian last week and we have been given the green light to start gathering information on doctoral theses. The list will have two key purposes:

  1. Showcase doctoral-level theses undertaken by mental health nurses (electronic version of the Steinburg collection);
  2. Encourage others to be inspired to advance their careers through clinical academic pathways (further resources to be populated into new tab on the MH page: here).

For easy access see a brief survey to capture the needed information (link below): https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=x_9cC9sg2UmrxkJh0UWeJpMa1NLEGXxFlGCCNVmjR2JUN0NTOVVJRzdDQ0JCWElSSlE3RTJGNVgzQi4u.

This is an exciting development and am sure that will be a fabulous development.

Best wishes

Fiona and Jim

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