RCN Fellowship awarded

Dear Colleagues,

We are hoping that you might have seen that our very own Catherine Gamble was awarded a Fellowship of the RCN over the Summer. The RCN Fellowship recognises practitioners, researchers, educationalists and leaders who share the RCN’s commitment to advancing the art and science of nursing and the improvement of health care. Nominees are put forward by peers to acknowledge the experience, accomplishments and dedication to the nursing profession. This is, as you know, a very prestigious award and there are very few mental health nurses this has been bestowed upon, so she is in extraordinary company. Cath has been a tireless supporter of mental health nursing over the years and her commitment, warmth, and compassion has touched all who have had the privilege of working with her.

When we spoke to Cath she said… ‘its overwhelming and very humbling to be nominated for this fellowship considering the company I am in with the other 14 mental health fellows and creates a real opportunity. It is a fantastic opportunity to use this award as a platform to continue to raise the profile of our profession.

Please see the RCN press release here: https://www.rcn.org.uk/magazines/News/uk-winners-of-2021-rcn-awards-revealed-14072021

Best wishes Fiona and Jim

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