2017 Meetings

Spring 2017 Meeting

University of Hertfordshire, Friday 31 March 2017

Thanks to Greg Rooney and the University of Hertfordshire for hosting.

Minutes of this meeting: adobe_pdf_file_icon_24x24 Hertfordshire 31-03-17 adobe_pdf_file_icon_24x24 NMC presentation 31 March 2017   

Summer 2017 Meeting

London South Bank University, Friday 9 June 2017

Thanks to Sally Hardy and LSBU for hosting.

This meeting followed on from the Eileen Skellern Lecture and JPMHN Lifetime Achievement Awards, which was held the previous day and also hosted by London South Bank University. The 2017 recipients – Professor Mary Chambers and Professor Len Bowers –  are both present/past members of MHNAUK.

Minutes of this meeting: adobe_pdf_file_icon_24x24 LSBU 09-06-17

Autumn 2017 Meeting

University of Ulster, Friday 27 October 2017 

Thanks to Marie O’Neill, Kevin Moore, Hugh McKenna and Ulster University for hosting.

Unconfirmed minutes of this meeting: adobe_pdf_file_icon_24x24 Ulster 26.10.17

Professor Hugh McKenna’s presentation on #REF2021 can be viewed here:

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